Grants != Preseed Funding

We’ve been working with 30+ grant programs this year. Here is what separates the good grant programs from the nots. Devs or MBAs? Many grant programs view themselves as pre-seed funding. This is exactly wrong. Grants is capital allocation by devs to devs. Venture capital is allocation by MBAs to devs. They are fundamentally different. VC is best suited for projects that have a business model or are likely to have one in near term future....

December 30, 2022

Interviewing Harsha on the CGP2.0 proposal

What is CGP2.0? We’re bringing back the beloved compound grants program. Larry Sukernik and team did a great job in 2020-21 running the first version of the compound grant program. Unfortunately, after that there has been no one who has kept it going. The primary reason seems to be burn out of the grant managers and bandwidth issues in keeping such a large ecosystem grant program going. So in June this year, we decided we’ll roll up our sleeves and set up CGP2....

December 1, 2022

Launching Questbook v2 open beta

Questbook’s v2.0.1 doesn’t only provide a great user experience for foundations to run their grant program and developers to apply to them - it sets a new all time high bar for web3 dapp UX. Context Foundations and DAOs grow the ecosystems via grants, bounties, partnerships, BD etc. These utilize funds from the community allocation, aka the treasury. With Questbook, these processes can be run on-chain - giving complete transparency and accountability to the community on where and why funds are being deployed....

August 23, 2022

Questbook Invite Links: The web3 OTP

The Problem Web3 is a nascent stack, and a major challenge dApps like QuestBook face is educating users about web3 terminology and delivering products that are easy to use products as well as decentralised. One of QuestBook’s workflows allowed DAOs to invite their team members to their organisation on QuestBook. However, to add the user to their organisation on chain, the organisation owner had to ask their team for their respective wallet addresses – which can feel unnatural, since wallet addresses have no easy-to-remember pattern like email addresses do....

July 30, 2022

Questbook proposal for Delegated Domain Allocators

Grants is an effective way to reward contributors to the ecosystem, and make the protocol more valuable. We must identify active members of our community to run our grant program rather than a centralized committee. If you are actively contributing to the ecosystem, we believe you should also be allocated a budget to disburse as grants - to attract the highest quality builders. Foundation money should move as close as possible to the builder, especially during the bear market....

July 1, 2022

Questbook Zapier Integration : A crashcourse in composability

Questbook is an unopinionated multisig safe for allocating funds to builders. Protocols like Polygon, Solana, Celo, Aave etc. use Questbook to run their grants/bounty programs. Questbook is completely decentralized. We don’t own any proprietary data or run centralized servers. Even the data is either on-chain or stored on IPFS/Filecoin and delivered via Graph protocol. Questbook itself has been built composing on various other protocols that came before us. Today, we pay it forward....

June 22, 2022

Announcing Filecoin Integration

Questbook doesn’t compromise on decentralization of the software stack. Questbook works with the best teams to push the boundaries of decentralized applications. As of today, we’re proud to announce integration with Protocol Labs & Filecoin. We’ve previously talked a lot about the SACI Architecture for software applications. Storage is one of the most important parts of the tech-stack. We don’t run our own centralized database or servers. All the data that on the grants & bounties tool - including creating grants, developers applying, reviewers reviewing - are all data that is stored on chain or on decentralized storage....

June 14, 2022

Your chain not supported on Questbook? No problem.

Questbook is open sourced. Questbook is a product by the community, for the community. We support multiple EVM compatible chains. You can add support for your chain on Questbook in a few simple steps. As long as the chain meets the bare-bones requirements, it can be integrated into the product by submitting a simple PR with one YAML config file. You can see the instructions on the questbook/chains repository. Or follow the instructions on this video :

June 10, 2022

Research at Questbook

Lot of infrastructure doesn’t exist for world class dapps to be built. If it doesn’t exist, we’ll build it. There are various threads of research that we’re actively exploring at Questbook. All of these will be exposed as composable tools and public goods to build on top. By developers. For developers. ZK ready Gasless Smart Contract Wallets Client side burnable wallet Freshly deployed smart contract wallet for each user, with the burnable wallet as the signatory to the SCW Meta transactions relayer to pay for the gas for the first user experience EdDSA key pair to support snark proofs That way, the end user doesn’t have to have a specific wallet to interact with....

June 5, 2022

Questbook Composability

Questbook is web3 dApp. That means it is naturally composable. Since Questbook doesn’t run it’s own centralized servers and databases, all the data is always publicly visibile and can be used by builders to build great new experiences. Here are a few ways you can compose on Questbook Open sourced repositories You can contribute directly to our source code. 100% of our codebase is open sourced, and always will be. We don’t have any company internal private repositories or CVS....

June 5, 2022