Lot of infrastructure doesn’t exist for world class dapps to be built. If it doesn’t exist, we’ll build it.

There are various threads of research that we’re actively exploring at Questbook. All of these will be exposed as composable tools and public goods to build on top.

By developers. For developers.

ZK ready Gasless Smart Contract Wallets

  • Client side burnable wallet
  • Freshly deployed smart contract wallet for each user, with the burnable wallet as the signatory to the SCW
  • Meta transactions relayer to pay for the gas for the first user experience
  • EdDSA key pair to support snark proofs

That way, the end user doesn’t have to have a specific wallet to interact with.


Delegated Domain Allocators and Governance

  • How grant and bounty programs can be decentralized
  • Multiple people from the community run the program to cover opportunity blind spots and expand reach
  • Community initiates a no confidence motion when the delegated capital allocator isn’t doing a good job - using credential voting or Futarchy voting

This research will unleash a specific governance model for DAOs that are solving the capital allocation problem via bounties, grants and investments.

On chain credentials

  • Analyzing onchain data and offchain data to create an on-chain identity
  • How can we bring off chain data on-chain in a trustless fashion? [WIP]

This research will give us tools to access on chain credentials using which builders can build access control and authorization workflows in their dApps.


  • Coming soon…