Questbook is an Opportunity Wallet for builders. This is where builders explore opportunities to earn in crypto. These could be via Bounties, Grants or Investments you offer.

Here some of the key features of Questbook that’ll help you attract the best builders.

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1. Completely on chain : Transparent & Accountable program

All the grants, bounties and investments programs you run will be on chain. This ensures transparency and accountability for the program. The builders can trust that the program is actively supporting builders, and all the work they put in won’t go in vain.

2. Application on chain : leverage on-chain credentials

Since all the application to your program is on chain too, you have access to all the on-chain credentials of the user applying. This includes their GitHub reputation and places they’ve contributed to, their performance on other programs in the past etc.

You can filter applicants or gate applications by requiring users to have certain credentials to be able to apply. e.g. “Only if you’ve contributed to Aave core repository, you can apply for this grant”, “Only if you’ve deployed 100+ smart contracts are you eligible for this investment”…

3. Milestone based payouts : Pay only when work is done

Many DAOs don’t have milestone based payout only because it is an operational overhead. All the operations have been streamlined using Questbook. So, you can track all milestones and payout only when milestones have been completed in an automated fashion.

4. Delegated Domain Allocators : Expand reach of your program

By inviting people from the community to become capital allocators, you can assign a small budget to them and track their performance. If they’re disbursing the capital well, you can increase the budget for that allocator. This solves for two major problems. First, the single grant manager model has the drawback that the manager running the program may have many blindspots and may not be able to identify all the opportunities. Secondly, it spreads the workload across multiple individuals avoiding burn outs.

The money will still be under your control, but the decision making can be outsourced. This is an active area of research, and we’d love your contributions to make this more effective.

5. Public dashboards : keep community updated

All the data is onchain, and a lot of dashboards can be created. Questbook offers all the most important metrics and graphs in a clean dashboard that people in your community can look at to assess the cadence and health of the program.

This is also a way for the community to initiate a no confidence motion against delegated domain allocators who aren’t doing a good job.

6. Review : assess applicants against set rubrics

You can invite people from the community to review the applications to do a first round of filtering before you give out the grants. This review is done against rubrics you create. You can use the wisdom of the community to make a judgement on whether or not the capital should be disbursed.

7. Money always in your control

You can use any wallet to manage your assets. All the payouts will happen through this wallet only when you approve. This could be a EOA wallet or it could be a multi-sig wallet like Gnosis Safe.


You can participate in how this workflow evolves by suggesting improvements.